The Thrillville

My Friends; "Will the Thrill" Vaharo & his beauteous wife Monica were on vaca from Oakland CA and we lunched together and had fun in the story tellings :  )

The next day we attended a "B Movie Roundtable" I organized at Musso & Frank's, one of our favorite LA eateries and a real class joint. Great food, atmosphere and martinis, authentic classic Hollywood vibe. On hand were our old pals Raven de la Croix (of "UP!"), filmmaker William Winckler
("Double D Avenger"
and the forthcoming "Frankenstein and the Creature from Blood Cove"); Mike Schlesinger and Susanne Jacobson from
Sony Repertory, poised to take over the MGM library which is good news for Thrillville moviegoers since that includes a lot of AIP titles; and the B movie
maven himself, Fred Olen Ray! It was great sitting around hearing first hand tales of Ted Mikels, Russ Meyer, Roger Corman, Ray Dennis Steckler,
John Carradine, Mamie Van Doren, John Agar, John Ashley
and many others:

Musso & Frank's, Hollywood 

With William Winckler and Raven de la Croix at Musso's

With two B movie legends, Raven and Fred

Raven and Fred Olen Ray


Mike and Susanne of Sony Repertory




Copyright: Raven Ziton 2005