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                     Raven De La Croix, Beauty Queen of the LUFF 2003 !

"THE" Burlesque Queen of the 80's and still does "Sacred Movements" presently, and is also known for performing in cult comedy & Sci fi genre films such as Russ Meyer's "UP!" & "The Lost Empire" & most recent "The Double D Avenger". She is considered to be a MYSTIC, and wonderfully assists all people with whom she comes in contact.~ 

Raven at the LUFF :
The Double D Avenger : Friday October 10, 6.30 PM        
The Lost Empire : Saturday October 11, 6.30 PM
Up! : Saturday October 11, 8.30 PM

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The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2003 is about to be launched !
From October 8 to Ocotber 12, Cinema and Live Music are gonna be the main cultural events in Lausanne.

- Casino de Montbenon (Cinémathèque suisse & Salle des fêtes)
- Auditorium de l'EJMA
- Zinéma
- Circuit

Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
Case Postale
1000 Lausanne 17
Program :


Cycle movement Panique
See the films  of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Arrabal et Roland Topor on the biog screen !
Five major titles are gonna be projected on 35mm prints :
El Topo, The Holly Mountain, Viva la Muerte, Le Cimetière des Voitures, Marquis.

Homage to Ian Kerkhof
Provocative film maker, Ian Kerkhof originally comes from South Africa.
His films wildly mix sex, violence and politic.
He has been wroking with major artists around the world, among them: Merbow, Ron Athey or Mattgew Barney.
Ian Kerkhof will be in person in Lausanne

Homage to Raven De La Croix
Raven has been especially known as a pulmonary actress when she played in Russ Meyer's Up!
Raven will come to Lausanne to introduce such cult classics as The Double D Avenger, The Lost Empire
directed by Jim Wynorski (who will be here to present the film), and Up!.

The best short and feature films of the moment will be shown through various competition counting about 60 films
coming from 20 differant countries.
The jury will be composed by various artists from all around the world:
Cartes blanches
Bruce Jenkins
, Harvard curator, will introduce us the the works of Bruce Conner and the Flicker Boys
                          (Tony Conrad, Hollis Frampton, Paul Sharits).
Bill Taylor, from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival will introduce a serie of homophobic educational films.
Jarrings Effects, electronic musicians from Lyon, will perform on various films.

For the second time, the LUFF welcomes Parabovela, the ultimate experience in real life cinema ! Co-produced by the festival, this unique event mixes Film, Music and live acting. Last year's spectator still in shock !
Wednesday Ocober 8
(doors: 21h00)
21h30 Reverse Engineering
22h30 Techno Animal
02h30 Djs Zob / Est

Thursday October 9 (doors: 22h00)
22h30 Kunst
0h00 FATAL: Hanin Elias + C.H.I.F.F.R.E
+ Philipp Virus
02h00 Dj Lincé

Friday October 10 (doors: 22h00)
22h30 Films & Music: Kalithéa (17 min., 2001) and L’île aux abeilles (2003, 20 min.) DIMITRI RADU & DAVID SCRUFARI
00h00 Monno
02h00 Dermehr Gauner

Saturday October 11 (doors: 22h00)
22h30 Digitaline
00h30 Mouse on Mars
02h30 Dj Sonja Moonear