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    The first time I stepped into "Joe Allens" Restaurant, I was noticed by casting director, Samantha Fox (King) with 20th Century Fox's infamous family of Foys, who made the introduction to Russ Meyer. After screening 400 women, he asked if I could act ... I replied that life was a stage and I liked to live it! He hired me on the spot! I assisted USCHI DIGART with aspects of my role; i.e. wardrobe, hair, make-up, jewelry (my own). I performed all of my own stunts.
    This film marked my first of a few "boot camp" films. I say this with pride, as I was able to create more in these so called "boot camp" experiences than regular SAG films (although both "UP" & "Lost Empire" were SAG signatory films.) I had soooo much fun being involved in so many departments of the film making process!

"Super Vixen" in "UP"
Photo: Russ Meyer
"Vulnerability" in "UP"
Photo: Russ Meyer
Raven, Kitten & Ushi Digard !
Sound Track CD w photo book in color!
Photos: Russ Meyer


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